Buying Rowing Machines: The Top Four You Should Check Out

Buying Rowing Machines The Top Four You Should Check Out

You can reap benefits by staying fit and healthy. Using a rowing machine is one of the best when it comes to keeping up in shape. With so many available rowing machines in the market, choosing which one to buy is not easy. Your selection depends on various factors. These include the purpose, ready storage, budget, and a lot more. Here are some of the best you can check out to row your way to better health.

Xtreme power US Water RM

This rowing machine gets its resistance from actual water, resulting in life-like workouts. Speeding your rowing up increases the resistance. Decreasing the amount of water in the tank lessens the resistance. A cushioned seat and adjustable safety straps keep you comfortable and secure. You can keep track of metrics through a large, built-in console. It displays data such as distance rowed and strokes per minute. Its built-in transport wheels allow you to tilt it and roll it away. This powerful rowing machine costs around $1,000 and can hold up to 550 pounds.

Sunny Health & Fitness Full Motion RM

This rowing machine is budget-friendly and takes up only minimal space. It relies on two large handlebars instead of being built around a pulley like they usually do. The emphasis is on your upper body. Being able to hold up to 350 pounds, you use your arms, chest, and back instead of your legs to move. It does not have a water tank since hydraulic cylinder resistance powers it up. This small space-friendly machine lets you have control over your workouts. A built-in dial adjusts the resistance. At only around $130, this is the best when it comes to affordability.

Hydrow Rower

This starter package is worth the splurge. Computer-controlled and electromagnetic resistance mimics the feel of real water. The results are dynamic and challenging workouts. The touchscreen and the built-in speakers provide an immersive experience. Your strokes are smooth and quiet due to its ergonomic seat that provides all the cushion you need. This starter package includes a rowing machine, a mat, pair of wireless headphones, and a heart rate monitor. You also get a heart rate monitor and wireless headphones. You can store it by tilting it upright.  Its weight capacity is 375 pounds.

Stamina Orbital

This rowing machine offers a dynamic total-body workout. A rower usually has a single hand on a pulley, but this one has two large handlebars. It provides your arms a fuller range of motion. More muscle groups get challenged in your upper body. Your core and lower body will also strengthen. The tension from hydraulic cylinder resistance mimics the feeling of rowing outdoors. Adjust the dial for more challenging workouts. The padded seat allows comfort while rowing. A compact machine costing around $270, it makes a pretty addition to any home.

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