8 plants and herbs in India that will help you gain immunity in 2021

medicinal plants in India

In the wake of covid 19, a major shift of concentration has been towards health and immunity. While medical science has helped us for the same in multiple ways taking into consideration our needs, we have been provided with everything from pills to syrups. However, they are still an artificial method of curing or curbing an issue when a lot better can be done with the help of natural ingredients. The best part about it is the rich well of medicinal plants in India that is no less than a gold mine for us. Providing us with herbs and natural remedies since ancient times, our land and plants have done justice to mankind without asking for self. Once again, in the time of covid, we have turned to mother nature, and it is without a doubt, a commendable outcome that we have once again discovered.

On the same note today we have brought for you a list of medicinal plants found in India that you can grow or buy to help boost your immunity, positivity and mental peace.

  • Amla

Starting with amla, it has gained a reputation for its amazing healing quality that also boosts our immunity. An amla a day keeps immunity very close to you.

  • Dalchini

Eaten in dishes made by mom’s everyday, it is almost an everyday thing we eat. To make sure it is more effective, try having it in a soup.

  • Lashun

Garlic is eaten every day; it’s a big part of Indian dishes that are made in the house by moms. You can make it a part of your soups as well.

  • Tulsi

Tulsi can be eaten as raw leaves also. It is beneficial for immunity and other aspects of our health as well. Five leaves a day will be enough to balance health.

  • Neem

Neem may be bitter tasting but is the ultimate help to your body and immune system. It has been a ritual to make it a part of diets but was more effective in earlier times. It’s never too late, start accumulating tulsi to your diet for best results.

  • Mulethi

Mulethi is another thing that makes a must in your diet, especially when it’s time to increase our immunity to fight any possible disease. Tough times call for tough measures, and so this is one of them but also delicious.

  • Elaichi

Elaichi used to add flavour to most tea and is consumed by us more so than not. This is one you probably are having but if not start having this one too with tea or rice.

  • Babool

In the past, what was a thing to brush your teeth has now eloped from our everyday lives. Bring it back to bring back your immunity too.

These are some plants or herbs you can add to your diet through food, soup or other dishes to go back to your normal, healthy self.

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