Keeping Your Relationship Healthy During Coronavirus

Keeping Your Relationship Healthy During Coronavirus

How can coronavirus and restraint affect your relationship with your partner? We bring you some tips and answers from Couples Counsellor Toronto.

Romantic stories and movies often serve us with the assumption that if we really love someone, then we want to spend every second with that person. But our life experience speaks differently – togetherness and separation coexist perfectly with each other, like inhaling and exhaling.

Although you can’t wait to spend a few hours, or even a whole day, with your partner, now the situation is different. Self-isolation is not planned and is definitely not expected, so it is filled with anxiety, discomfort and fear due to the anticipation of new news about the pandemic.

Therefore, the situation may not be ideal, so read some tips that could help you cope better with the fact that you and your partner have to spend the whole day together in the same space.

1. Practice empathy and accept that everyone deals with problems differently.

Consider the quote: “The first thing you need to know about me is that I’m not you. Everything will make more sense when you accept it.”

Things like life experiences, temperament and family life directly shape our personality and affect how someone copes with stress and uncertainty. The chances that you and your partner will deal with the pandemic in the same way are very small, which is why you have to be especially reasonable and empathetic towards him, as he is towards you. Remember that family safety comes first.

2. Be separate – together.

Whatever it sounds like, it makes sense. It is possible to love someone while you need your own space and time, and that is possible even in extraordinary conditions.

Try to explain to your partner, in a gentle and beautiful way, that you want to spend some time alone.

In addition, accept the fact that he will probably ask you to do the same. In this situation, you can agree on who will stay in which part of the house, and when you will spend time together.

3. Take care of yourself!

Maintaining a quality relationship with your partner starts with yourself and how much you take care of yourself. It is difficult to be gentle and considerate towards your partner if you are not like that towards yourself, which is why it is important to take care of yourself and pay enough attention to your own needs.

Make sure you eat regularly and healthily, exercise and exercise regularly, try to get enough sleep and avoid alcohol.

4. Prepare for the fact that the mood of the household will change.

If you or your partner otherwise have problems with anxiety, stress and similar things, it is very likely that it will get worse in a new emergency situation. That is why it is important to talk to your partner in advance and determine how you should be have when things go uphill.

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