Nicotine salt juice v/s Freebase nicotine: What is right for you?

Nicotine salt juice Freebase nicotine

A lot of options for vaping are available at online vape shop Canada. You can decide the best nicotine strength for satisfying our cravings. It is possible to choose the tastiest e-liquid flavor available in the market. Vapers can be customized and this is possible due to nicotine delivery technology.  However, the biggest choice that needs to be made is whether to choose nicotine salt e-liquid or freebase nicotine. Both of these have their own effects. It is important that you wisely choose the right one for yourself.

Basic information about nicotine salt juice

Nicotine salt also referred to as nic salt is a new invention.  Nicotine being an addictive substance, a lot of smokers prefers high nicotine formulations in the vape juices. Due to this salt nic juices are very famous. Salt nic juice comprises of very pure nicotine, which is able to satisfy nicotine cravings more effectively. In case you used to smoke cigarettes, salt nic juice will be very satisfying and will also be a healthy option. Salt nicotine juice is available in pre-filled pot cartridges or bottles.

Nicotine salt juice can be used through pod mod systems. It is a low wattage vaping system, which is designed especially for this kind of nicotine. This system is similar to e-cigarettes. This form of nicotine cannot be utilized with large vaping systems or vape pens. Nicotine salt juice cannot be used with a sub-ohm system, as it will burn the juice.

Benefits of nicotine salt juice:

It is more like smoking tobacco.

It offers a powerful throat hit.

It offers pure and strong nicotine.

It is usually cheaper.

It can be utilized with small and user-friendly devices.

Basic information about freebase nicotine

Freebase nicotine was the only type of nicotine found a few years back. A lot of vapers used to enjoy this type of nicotine. However, the only problem with the use of this type of nicotine is it is a bit harsh if it is vaped with high strength or at a high wattage.  This kind of nicotine is not stable and the power of the vaping device can lead to a breakdown of nicotine. When inhaled freebase nicotine, it can give an unpleasant feel. Hence, most people intake freebase nicotine in low concentrations and at high-level wattage.  Freebase nicotine is mostly available in large bottles.

Freebase nicotine can be utilized in all types of devices that us vape pens, e-cigarette devices, and sub-ohm vaping systems. This kind of vaping is related to direct lung vaping. It is the kind of vaping wherein the vapor will be inhaled directly in the lungs one at a time.

Benefits of freebase nicotine:

It is available with numerous kinds of nicotine levels.

It can offer massive clouds.

It can be enjoyed in a wide range of propylene glycol ratios and vegetable glycerin.

It can be used with lots of vaping devices.

It is tough to say which kind of nicotine is better among both. Nicotine salt juice and freebase nicotine offer your body with highly satisfying nicotine level, the only difference is how organic membranes are delivered distinctively. It is recommended to try out both of these before deciding which kind of vaping is suitable for your needs. The best thing you can do is visit the vape shop and trying it out. For checking out the shops for nicotine,  you can check out sites like Hot Frog, Tupalo, and Find Us Here.

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