How traction helps in relieving back pain?

relieving back pain

Chiropractor’s Lower back pain is usually associated with the back and thigh and lower leg region and this will help to relieve. The chiropractor treatment chiropractor for back pain Singapore is one of the most advanced types of lower back treatment. Lower back pain usually occurs due to the inflammation of sciatica nerve sciatica nerve is associated with the lower back the lumbar and thoracic vertebra the sciatica nerve is said to be the largest of all nerves and this nerve releases from the for-mane in between vertebra. The problem usually occurs due to the nerve gets pinched in between vertebra due to wring back position for longer time either sitting or standing continuously.

There are few profession which are usually related for cause of back pain they are software, teaching, other heavy weights lifting profession so this type of profession if does in linger time then it will cause lower back pain. So everyone needs correct and appropriate type of stretches and exercises which will help them to be fit. There are few symptoms how you can know that you are suffering with lower back pain. There will be continues pain from lower back to legs and radiates to legs and this helps in relieving pain. The pain is usually radiating to lower back and this helps in gaining good collection from it.

Once if you consult a doctor then he will help you to diagnose whether the lower back pain is due to the nerve pinch or not. Then you can diagnose and get that treatment done the pain which is located in lower back is usually pain-full and sore full and this helps to gain good energy. The pain of sciatica usually lasts long for many more days and if you leave it will become worsen. So chiropractors are few specialists who deal with the relieve of symptoms and helps you to he fit for at least few days. The chiropractic treatment includes a group of treatments like traction therapy and ultra sound.


Traction treatment includes the stretch if body from upper and lower back. The lower and upper back helps in stretches. The traction treatment includes the upper and lower half of the body is stretched in traction. The traction bed is designed in such a way that there will be two halves in a single bed. The patient is made to sleep on the bed and the lower back to legs is tied to a traction machine. Once it starts working the traction adjusts the weight of the patient and this will pull the lower part of body which makes the patient feel like the lower hack is pulled downwards. Then the lower back is pulled downwards. This will help to fix and stretches the nerve and the pull adjusts the lower back.

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