Select Bumper Plates For The Garage Gym

Garage Gym

Choosing bumper plates is as difficult as choosing whether or not one should eat junk when on a diet (as the cravings are more at that point). Every individual has that one moment of revelation in their lives which makes them rethink their lifestyle. In that case, new diet charts and gym equipment are a must. Whether or not one should buy bumper plates? And if yes, how to choose them and what are the details one should look forward to. Below is a detailed shopping guide of all the things one should know before looking for bumper plates online or even in a store.

What Are Bumper Plates?

These are Olympic sized plates that are designed for an athlete so that they can easily place the bar down without the risk of damaging anything. These plates are offered in pounds and kilograms. Most of them are black but if someone wants to go out of the box then there are other colored plates available too.

Steel Plates And Bumper Plates

Bumper plates are used mostly by the athletes when the bar is dropped from the rack position, hips and from overhead. Normal strength training and lifts wouldn’t need a bumper plate. The people who choose bumper plates for deadlifts often do that to reduce the noise while placing it down. So, if an individual is looking for weight lifting plates they should go for the steel ones. And if bumper plates are the ones they prefer then the weight of the plates should be minimal. As rubber is quite heavy and difficult to lift.

Which One To Prefer

Most probably people choose steel plates for their garage gym as these are the ones used in gyms and for routine deadlifts. Though bumper plates are meant for athletes one can also choose them. For home gyms, people bug steel ones but the bumper plates look more classy and the noise that the steel ones make is avoided. The color combinations are also better when it comes to rubber plates.  The price range of the steel plates are less than the rubber ones as the price of per kg rubber is more than a kilogram of steel. There are various online applications which offer both of these plates at reasonable prices. Still, if rubber plates are the ones you prefer and the prices are high, there is always an option to look for second-hand products. 

How To Buy?

There are a lot of online applications and websites through which one can buy these plates. To go for the best price range, an individual can also review the prices of online stores and offline stores and then go for the ones that are the best.


Fitness has been the top priority for many people nowadays and they prefer making their own small gym back at their place rather than paying in the public gyms.  Bumper plates are in trend  and choosing them wouldn’t be difficult now.

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