Treatment and Causes of Periodontics

Treatment and Causes of Periodontics

The periodontal disease affects the gums and the bones providing support to the teeth. Therefore, it becomes imperative to pay attention to the periodontal support tissue to ensure healthy-looking teeth and gums. Periodontal disease unfolds in several phases and must be treated immediately by a periodontal specialist if signs become apparent. Individuals must maintain dental hygiene to keep periodoncia at bay.

Periodontal disease is a pathological disease that, if not treated in time, can inflict irreversible consequences. Prolonged accumulation of dental plaque results in periodoncia among individuals. The amassed plaque further triggers an inflammatory reaction in the periodontal tissue. Periodontics, if left untreated, can result in severe toothache and even tooth loss in some cases. In extreme scenarios where the dental tartar has penetrated the bone tissue, the infiltration causes complete bone tissue injury, and the individual can no longer recover the damaged bone.

Treatment for Periodontics

The periodontics specialist at Estudi Dental Barcelona will recommend diagnostic tests to ascertain the degree of severity. Once the disease’s extent is determined, subsequent sessions will include the removal of tartar at both the coronal and root levels.

If early diagnosis recognizes periodontics, the inflammation can be controlled by following routine dental hygiene. Periodic cleaning sessions scheduled at Estudi Dental Barcelona will address the problem timely and efficiently. In cases where patients ignore the disease during the initial stages, an absolute damage to the tissue and the teeth bone support structure can occur.

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The most critical requirement in the treatment of periodontics is the post-surgery care. The patient must be aware of the disease’s degree and dispense adequate measures as prescribed by the dentist.

Cause of Periodontics

Smoking is often associated with periodontics. Consumption of tobacco affects the body’s immune system and can result in exacerbating wounds inside the mouth. Consequently, the gums are affected, and periodontics occurs. An individual who smokes is three times more at risk of getting inflicted with periodontics than a non-smoker. Moreover, the longer you continue degrading your body with the vices of smoke, the higher the risk.

Reports suggest that the individuals who smoke respond to the treatment more gradually, and the medicine is less effective. Smoking can cause irretrievable damage to your oral cavity. In the most aggravating severe cases, periodontics can result in mouth cancer.

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Tobacco is the primary cause of the failure of the rehabilitative treatment. Dental implants cause irritation and inconvenience due to already damaged gums. Individuals can further suffer from osseointegration that involves the bonding of the implant to the bone resulting in peri-implant diseases. Patients can lose their teeth or, worse, suffer from a perpetual toothache.

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