Tips for successful IUI

Tips for successful IUI

Intrauterine insemination is the first step towards the fertility treatment journey. Creating a healthy environment for a successful pregnancy is a major step for successful fertility treatment.

In this blog,I am going to discuss some tips that will increase your chance of successful IUI treatment and fake belly.

Try to avoid strenuous exercise

Right after the IUI procedure you can return to your daily activities and can do your everyday work. Taking bed rest is not important but always keep in mind that whatever activities you are doing should be of lower intensity. Intense exercise can cause many complications like premature contractions, preventing implantation etc. You can do low-impact exercises like walking, yoga, and light aerobics are good fit and for you in this situation. High cardio exercises should be avoided like jogging etc.

Prenatal vitamins; prepares your body

Taking vitamins is important as it ensures that you are consuming the necessary amount of nutrients that will support you in your healthy pregnancy. Prenatal vitamins mainly consist of higher amounts of folic acid and iron than regular multivitamins. Folic acid is especially important for development in children, mainly spinal development. You should start taking prenatal vitamins before thinking of starting a family as it supports a healthy pregnancy. Even if you are not still pregnant, these vitamins will prepare your body for the pregnancy.But one should always consult the doctor before taking any medicine (for vitamins). If you are looking for fertility treatment like IUI, IVF etc, then you must get in touch with the fertility experts at First Step IVF, the best clinic for IUI in Delhi.

Eat good and stay healthy

Eating fibres, antioxidants and avoiding junk foods will help you with infertility. Eating healthy food improves your overall health, that will help you in fighting infertility. The baby in your belly will be entirely dependent on the type of food you eat for its survival and development. Or you can say the food you eat that’s what you feed to your baby. Now it’s your choice what you want to feed your baby, junk food or healthy food. As a mother any woman wants to feed their child healthy and hygienic food. Eating as healthy as you can create an environment that can help you in boosting your fertility. Make sure to take a diet rich in leafy greens, proteins, and healthy fats. It will help you in maintaining good body weight.

Have a plan B

The fertility journey is usually stressful and long. Before having a successful pregnancy, many couples have to go through multiple attempts. The fertility plan needs to be revaluated if you don’t get pregnant even after 3 attempts of IUI treatment. Though the chances of pregnancy get increased with each progressive cycle, an attempt after the 3rd cycle reduces the success rate and a chance for you to get pregnant through IUI.But there is nothing to be scared or being demotivated, In vitro fertilization (IVF) will be the next step if IUI is unsuccessful.

Less stress means More chance

There are a lot of studies that prove that if you take stress, it can reduce your chances of getting pregnant. The stress you experience when you were coping with infertility even that can be a barrier in your pregnancy and sometimes results in a miscarriage. So, discover what helps you release your stress and what makes you happy and don’t forget to do it regularly. Common methods that can help you in de-stressing yourself are taking long walks with your partner, going for a bike ride with your partner and talking about anything that makes you happy, doing yoga daily or joining any club or community.

Pamper yourself

  1. First and foremost, eat a healthy diet and add such foods in your diet that helps you in increasing your fertility. Focus mainly on eating foods which include vegetables, fruits, and foods rich in antioxidants. Constantly eat one or two things that contain full-fat dairy products such as milk or cheese.
  2. Keep yourself hydrated by drinking lots of water and keep yourself toxin free by drinking juices without processed sugar.
  • Consume a daily multivitamin rich in folic acid. Or you can take other supplements based on your body type and on your physician recommendation.

If you are searching for a fertility treatment that can help you in conceiving successfully, then IUI may be the perfect fit for you. You can certainly give it a try as it is worth it. As IVF is more expensive than IUI,so before proceeding to IVF it is good to consider IUI first. First step IVF brings you to the best IUI treatment in Delhi. Here you can have the best IUI treatment under the surveillance of Fertility expert. Get in touch today, call: +91-8595-22-3355

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