Nabil Fakih – The Relationship Between Patient Care and Pharmacists

Nabil Fakih - The Relationship Between Patient Care and Pharmacists

Patients not only look up to their doctors for their mental and physical support, but they need the assistance and the help of their pharmacist as well. In the past, individuals in society seek the good in others- this can be in their co-workers, their friends, neighbors, or for that matter in general, everyone they come across in daily life. In order to attach the word “good” to a pharmacy, the patient needs to ensure whether the past or the present medications they are taking are doing their health good or causing harm to them. For this information on the medication they take, they need to visit a pharmacy and speak to a pharmacist there.

Nabil Fakih – 3 traits that constitute a good pharmacist

Nabil Fakih is the owner of Dearborn Heights Pharmacy, a reliable and one of the most trusted pharmacies in the USA. He is known for his valuable experience when it comes to helping patients with their prescription and healthcare needs. His pharmacy staff is known for its friendliness and customer-oriented approach. Patients are happy with the service quality and the approach of every pharmacist working here.

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Coming back to the question of what makes a pharmacy good, he says there are some factors the patient needs to consider before labeling a pharmacy good or bad. It is here that pharmacists must maintain a good relationship with the patient. He says that when you visit a pharmacy, check the following-

  1. Does the pharmacist accurately predict the details of the prescription promptly? This is true as most patients agree that their doctors have handwriting that is illegible, so it becomes very hard for them to interpret the prescription. This is where the role of the pharmacist steps in to help you.
  2. Good memory- The pharmacist should be trained and well-informed on the medications that are stocked in the store. Their composition, their dosage, the potential side effects, and how to deal with them. The pharmacist should have a good memory to know all of them by heart. Often patients mix up medications, and this can harm them as adverse reactions might occur in the body. The pharmacist needs to ensure this does not occur, so he must guide the patient correctly.
  3. Front-line healthcare educator- A good pharmacist is a front-line healthcare educator in the locality. Some people often visit local pharmacies to get information on health and medical advice for common ailments like cough, fever, etc. The pharmacist advises them to visit doctors if symptoms are severe; however, he guides them on the dos and don’ts they should maintain when very early symptoms are discovered, and patients need professional advice immediately.

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Dearborn Pharmacy believes that every patient should be treated with respect and care. The pharmacists are qualified and trained to guide everyone who visits their store for medical advice and help. They are prompt when it comes to service delivery and ensure medicines are stocked up fully so that they are available to patients during working hours daily.

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