Invest in a Credible Breast Biopsy Center of Los Angeles For Safe Procedures

Invest in a Credible Breast Biopsy Center of Los Angeles For Safe Procedures
There are multiple reasons why your doctor might recommend you to undergo a biopsy. If you live in Los Angeles, you need to choose a credible clinic for the procedure to be conducted safely. Before choosing the clinic, ensure you read the online reviews and patient testimonials carefully. In this way, you will find the right clinic for your biopsy procedure with success.

Talk to experts of a good breast biopsy center of Los Angeles

After checking the online reviews and patient testimonials of a breast biopsy center of Los Angeles, you should contact the clinic and talk with the professionals there. If you feel comfortable with the phone conversation, you can schedule an appointment with them for the procedure. Note, getting a biopsy done does not mean you have cancer. Following are the key reasons why your doctor might have asked you to conduct a biopsy procedure:

  1. There is a lump in your breast or a thick spot you can feel. Your doctor might suspect breast cancer, and so will ask you to get a biopsy done.
  2. The mammogram report displays an area in your breast that looks suspicious.
  3. The MRI of your breast detects a suspicious finding.
  4. You experience unnatural changes to the nipple or areola region that includes scaling, skin dimpling, crusting, or blood-like discharge.

Questions your doctor asks you

Your doctor might ask you the following questions before the breast biopsy is conducted-

  1. Do you have any allergies?
  2. Have you taken aspirin recently?
  3. Are you using any blood-thinning medicines like anticoagulants?
  4. Do you face problems lying down on your stomach for prolonged periods?

Biopsy under MRI

In case, the biopsy procedure is done with an MRI, make sure you inform your doctor of any electronic device or cardiac pacemaker in your body. Also, inform your doctor if you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant. MRIs are not recommended in these cases.

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On the day of the appointment, wear a bra. After the procedure is over, the healthcare professional generally places a cold pack on the site. Your bra will make sure the cold pack stays in place as it will support your breast.

What happens after the procedure?

If the biopsy reveals results that are normal or changes to your breast that is benign in nature, you will be advised to visit a pathologist and a radiologist so that they can agree on the findings. There are cases where the opinions of these two healthcare professionals are not the same. For example, the radiologist might conclude that the mammogram results reveal a precancerous lesion, while the pathologist’s report suggests normal breast tissue. In such cases, you need to visit a qualified doctor for more investigation in breast tissue to evaluate the region.

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If the pathologist’s report suggests breast cancer, it will cover all the details of cancer along with its type and whether it is hormone receptor negative or positive in nature. It is here that doctors and healthcare professionals at a good breast biopsy center of Los Angeles will determine the best plan for treatment that is customized to meet your needs with success. You need to consult them again and get into a personalized treatment plan as soon as possible.

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