Make Your Own CBD Oil in 2 Easy Steps to Obtain a Cheaper High Quality Product

Make Your Own CBD Oil

The market for CBD oil is flooded with products in various forms, textures, and flavours. When hemp cultivation was legalized and sale of hemp derived CBD took off; the online market for CBD also grew. However, authenticity of the products sold on this huge worldwide marketplace is always questionable.

You must have a thorough knowledge regarding the production and extraction of these products to be able to judge the purity of the products sold by different online brands and vendors.

One such reliable brand of CBD products UK products is JustCBDstore. Their first and foremost promise to their customers is that their product labels are marked with utmost honesty and provide a third party lab verification for the same. They have a huge satisfied customer base and provide worldwide shipping of CBD products in a variety of forms including gummies, capsules, tinctures, vape pens, isolate, pain creams, bath soaps, topical oils, and pain creams.

How make your own CBD oil?

No matter how authentic the products sold by online vendors are; some people find mental peace only when everything is home made. If you prefer homemade version of CBD oil, then it can be achieved in 2 easy steps as listed below:

1. Collect raw ingredients:

  • It would difficult to extract your own cannabinoids directly from the plants at home, so it would be advisable if you could buy best quality CBD isolate with more than 99% purity; especially in crystallized form.
  • The next substance that you will need is carrier oil such as olive, canola, MCT, or coconut.
  • If you are making a topical formulation, the choice of oil does not make much difference. However, for oral formulations; choose the oil that is much more palatable for you.

2. Mixing both the ingredients in an appropriate way:

  • Measure your ingredients with the help of a kitchen scale. For every 1 cup of carrier oil, add 1 gram of CBD crystals.
  • Next crush your CBD crystals till they are small enough to dissolve thoroughly.
  • Place the oil in a pot and allow it to simmer on gas stove till small bubbles start forming on its surface.
  • This is the right time to add crushed CBD crystals.
  • Stir continuously to dissolve every last bit of CBD crystal.
  • Keep a track of oil temperature during the whole process as the temperature should remain below 118 degree Celsius. This is necessary to prevent burning of CBD.
  • When the CBD gets completely dissolved in the oil, remove it from the heat and allow it to cool completely.
  • This process will yield CBD oil with strength of 20mg of CBD in 1 teaspoon of the oil mixture you have prepared.

That is it, your homemade CBD oil is ready to use. You can now use this oil for cooking, taking orally by mixing it with your drinks, or for topical applications. The end result of going through all this hard work is obviously high quality CBD oil at a much less cost that would be otherwise paying when you buy high potency oil from the market.

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