Introduction to plantar fasciitis

Introduction to plantar fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is the ailment that happens when too much of pressure falls on the foot, actually plantar fascia is a ligament that acts as a connectivity between the leg and the foot. This disease is usually caused due to repetitive injuries caused to the thick ligament connectivity part called plantar fascia. As this muscle gets disturbed it causes much inflammation over a period of time as a result it hurts a lot. This usually occurs for the people who are running, overweight, and for people who have inadequate footgear.

The pain actually occurs all over the foot but the main problem would be near the ligament which got disturbed.


It causes more of heel pain during early mornings as we wake up, but gradually gets decreased as the day goes by but it will not completely vanish, its becomes just like a daily routine in the life.there will be lot of inflammation on the heel while walking, sitting, and standing after sitting for a longer duration.

Though this kind of disease is seen most of the middle-aged people now a days as they will sit for longer durations and work and would not be able to take time for regular exercises though but always having fast food and junk food instead of healthy diet which causes heavy weigh and as a result of complete health complications

Diagnosis for this kind of ailment is x-ray which is enough for the assessment of the disease as a result doctor also can identify the problem with few symptoms said by the patient and start the plantar fasciitis treatment singapore.


There are three types of treatments involved in curing this ailment

  1. Home remedies are the best treatment as soon as the problem occurs, that is applying of ice bags, applying of anti-inflammatory cremes on it inorder to reduce the pain caused.
  2. The next treatment is however medication which is most needed to the patient in all the three cases. We have to take correct anti-inflammatory medicines and we have to do few exercises at home daily, so that some flexibility of the muscle and the bone occurs as a result the inflammation might reduce.
  3. In this type a surgery is needed for operating the ligament part and make the support of the leg to the foot by reducing the pain

How ever this ailment needs lots of protection as it is with the legs which we walk these are a part of our life so we have take care of each and every part of our body from all the foreign attacks into the body.

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