Exercises To Relieve A Stiff Neck

Exercises To Relieve A Stiff Neck

Neck exercises are a standard part of most treatment plans given by Chiropractic in Singapore aimed to relieve neck pain.

In case you are looking for a remedy for a stiff neck worry no more, here is some core neck stretch that will help get your neck back to normal!

Neck Extension

Gently extend your neck backwards by looking upward and bringing the head backwards while keeping your shoulders and back straight. Once your head has gone back as far as possible without intensifying the pain, try holding this stretch for five seconds before returning your head to the starting position.

While performing this exercise, you’ll feel the stretch along the front of your neck through your throat. You may also feel the muscles working at the back of your neck, from the base of your skull down to the upper part of your back.

Neck Flexion

Gradually lower your chin forward towards your chest and look downward while only moving your head. Once your head has been flexed forward as far as possible, hold this stretch for five seconds before returning to the starting position.

You can feel this neck stretch throughout the back of your neck.

Lateral Neck Flexion

Slowly bend your head to one side, by bringing your left ear toward your left shoulder. While performing this stretch, your shoulders and back should stay still while your neck stretches laterally to the side. Once your head has flexed as far as possible to the side, try holding this stretch for five seconds before returning to the neutral position. Repeat this stretch in the opposite side.

When this stretch is performed with your head bending toward your left shoulder, You’ll feel the stretch along the right side of your neck.

Neck Rotation

While keeping your shoulders still and back straight, gradually turn your head to the left as far as possible without aggravating the pain. Once you have reached your rotation limit, hold this stretch for five seconds before bringing it back to the starting position. Repeat this stretch to the right side.

Out of all these stretches, rotation is often the most challenging for a stiff neck, especially on one side or the other. It is recommended only to rotate your neck partway if it is all you can do without intensifying the pain.

How Often to Perform Neck Stretches

For a minor stiff neck that is particularly difficult and painful to turn, it is best to only try each of these stretches once before taking a break. You can try these stretches again a few hours later, or maybe the following day.

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With time, these stretches may start to feel more comfortable and can be increased by holding the stretch positions for ten seconds or performing multiple sets. It is essential to remember while performing these stretches that the goal is to improve neck flexibility and function, not increase pain.

After the initial stiffness and neck pain have been reduced, a more involved routine of neck strengthening and stretching might be pursued long-term to reduce the risk of having the pain return.

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