5 Best Natural Ingredients for Your Skin

Natural Ingredients for Your Skin

Let’s make something clear today, make sure that’s your skin!

The name sandalwood brings back our fond memories of childhood which reminds us of the fragrance which used to linger around in the air. May it be sandalwood agarbatti or soap. Childhood memories are the best!

Well, those were just one of the many sandalwood benefits for skin mentioned. But, did you know? One of the most sacred ingredients in Ayurveda is scandal wood also known as Chandan. It has one of the lightest and dry physical properties. As it has a cold potency the sandalwood paste works brilliantly on skin-related issues like pigmentation, dryness, pimples, sunburn, tan, acne, and much more. Do you wish to know the magic behind radiant and glowing skin? Stay connected as we have further explained the exact miracle ingredients which leave us giving wonderful effects on the skin.

There are different forms of sandalwood that have been used such as fresh paste, powder, and essential oil. This pick from nature is one of the best picks for beauty products, from daily skincare to fighting skin problems. The advantages of the same are tremendous.

Along with sandalwood below given are the 5 best natural ingredients for your skin which you should add to your daily checklist-

1.   Virgin coconut oil

It’s an elixir in the Ayurvedic world; it has skin nourishing properties and helps nurture any skin type. As it moisturises the skin by getting deep into the layers. Reduces inflammation caused by boils or pimples. Increases collagen production and lightens dark patches.

2.   Venivel

Venivel is also known as turmeric tree, it is commonly incorporated for skincare products. It has cleansing and exfoliation properties and thus, Venivel helps to exfoliate, removes excess oil and blemishes-free look.

3.   Sandalwood

From reversing sun damage to minimising age spots sandalwood has shown remarkable effects on the skin. As it is rich in antioxidants it prevents wrinkle formation, hence it is used as an anti-aging remedy.

4.   Welmi

It is one of the rich sources of Vitamin C and it fights the damage that is caused by free radicals.

5.   Shea butter

There are many different types of benefits of shea butter. But, did you know? It is made from shea nut trees which are known for their naturally rich moisturising benefits. It is a quick fix for dull and dry skin.

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