What are the Do’s and Don’ts with tampons?

What are the Do’s and Don’ts with tampons?

Do you still dread your periods? You limit your visits outside during this time, or do you skip your practice sessions? Well, then you haven’t come across the latest and most wonderful collection of menstrual hygiene products. So many sanitary products have been introduced that make your periods comfortable and easy to welcome. These are medically proven products so there is no need for worry at all. You can have a look at the wide variety of products and their uses at https://moxie.com.au/ before buying one. Of all these, tampons have found great acceptance among women recently.

  • What is a tampon? This is a menstrual hygiene product that can be inserted inside your vagina to absorb blood during menstruation. It has a string attached at the end through which it can be pulled out after use. After it is inserted into the vagina it expands and stays in place.
  • It is easy to insert a tampon with little practice. Make sure you wash your hands thoroughly and do not hold the body of the tampon else it may become infected. Normally it should not be a matter of discomfort because once inserted correctly you don’t feel its presence.

The Do’s with a Tampon:

  • The most important is- Do read the instruction leaflet accompanying your product. Read the step by step guide and then proceed to use it. Be aware of the precautions too.
  • Do try using organic tampons that are best for your skin as also the environment. The regular ones are loaded with chemicals, dyes, and fragrances that can harm your delicate skin. A product that you use in your intimate area should be very friendly and devoid of allergens.
  • Do wash your hands both before and after inserting your tampon. This is required to maintain hygiene which is most essential during your periods.
  • Do change your tampons every 8 hours or if possible before that too, in case of heavy flow. This can help prevent infections. During heavy flow, if you feel full then it is time to replace the tampon to avoid any leakage.
  • Do remove your tampons when you are having a shower. A damp tampon is a breeding ground for bacterial infections.

The Don’ts :

  • Don’t let the tampon remain for long durations. This is medically considered unsafe as the product is in close contact with your vagina, it can cause serious infections.
  • Don’t sleep with a tampon because the point here is not with the safety but leaving it inside for longer durations.
  • Don’t use a tampon that is not your size. Mini, Regular, and Super are the available sizes based on the flow. Use the size appropriate for your period flow so you can avoid any discomfort that may arise with the wrong size.
  • Don’t flush your tampon after use. Wrapping it in paper and disposing it in a dustbin would be the correct procedure.
  • Don’t change the tampon before it has been left for enough time because a dry tampon can irritate your skin while pulling out and make the process uncomfortable.

Above all, dispose all the expired tampons as it not safe to use them.

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