The Ultimate Product for CBD Enthusiasts

CBD Enthusiasts

GB or jib or geeb is a unique way to consume marijuana using water and air pressure to create the smoke. The device contains two parts; the waterfall component and the bucket. It adds color and spice to your smoking session and, besides the apparatus, appears cool and scientific. On the higher part of the gravity bong pipe, a bowl is placed, and the lower bowl is filled with water large enough, so the upper half is submerged in the water. When you smoke, part of the upper half must be inside the water, ignite the CBD on the bowl, and lift the bottle up. The smoke accumulates in the space between the upper half and the water level.

The steps to enjoy 

The following step is to take away the lid from the upper bottle of the gravity bong. But do it carefully not to lift up the container in the process. Slowly inhaling the smoke from the mouthpiece allows the smoke to come out that was accumulated in the space. The device challenges the prior experience of weed and shapes a safer comfortable way of enjoying it. Versatility is another feature of the product; you can use it to vaporize hookah or connect it to a dab rig for an astounding experience. The manageable mouthpiece allows you to have a tailor-made experience. The long hose is perfect for an inclined relaxed smoke, and the intuitive glass mouthpiece with gold radiant design for a smooth inhale of smoke.

Smooth texture

The water filters the smoke giving a smooth texture and making the hit mellow even more suitable for beginners. The sophisticated travel bag brings more innovation and style to the bong. This facilitates storing and carrying easily, making it more portable. The product is meticulously crafted from premium borosilicate glass fitted with a showerhead pot for an unparalleled smoking experience. The aesthetic design makes it well worth the price. When you place it on the desk, a visitor would assume it is a scientific apparatus.

Incredible for parties

If you want to spend a few hundred dollars to enhance your smoking experience, then the gravity bong is the ultimate product. If you have a passion for weed, then buy the product. The experience is worth of million dollars. The design is cool and innovative and gives you a high feeling that is not present in other smoking apparatuses. The device is incredible for parties and is dedicated to CBD enthusiasts. If you are using it for the first time, then inhale slowly; otherwise, the experience can be too powerful.

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