The Three Top Vehicles for People with Mobility Limitations

People with Mobility Limitations

Should you or yours have a mobility limitation there is no reason not to get out and enjoy yourselves. This article provides some ides of the various vehicles that are available and may be necessary for those with mobility limitations.

The Combo/Compact Van

These are the biggest possible vehicle options and examples such as the Ford Tourneo or Vauxhall combo vans are great options that can be adapted and changed to take a wheelchair as wellas the rest of the family. They are also available readymade or asa bespoke option from places like who make WAVS (wheelchair accessible vehicles) and will use these big vans as the foundation for some fantastic wheelchair friendly vehicles.When these are made for wheelchair access in mind, different seating and positioning options are available, as well as wheelchair driving options and both forward and rear facing wheelchair passengers.

The Minivan

With slightly less space, something like the VW caddy can be used very successfully for those with mobility limitations. Whether you have a mobility scooter or wheelchair, this vehicle is large enough to fit a ramp and swiveling seats or remove the seats in the rear for wheelchair seating. There is less interior space than the bigger vans discussed above and there will likely not be space for others once the wheelchair or scooter has been loaded, but as a basis for improvement and adaptation, the minivan is a great option and will work as a city car as well as be rugged enough to go off road if activities like wheelchair hiking are your thing.

Small Electric City Cars

Depending on the mobility limitation, many have opted for a smaller option and gone for green, or electric cars. A lot will depend on what you want to fit in the vehicle, but the addition of hand controls for driving or a swivel seat to aid with entry and exit can now be done to most of these smaller cars. You may not be able to fit a wheelchair in them, and the adaptations won’t meet everyone’s needs, yet the smaller greener city cars have also become a trending option for people with mobility limitations.

Things to consider:

Ease of access: The main consideration for those with mobility challenges and limitations will be the ease of access. No one in a wheelchair, mobility scooter or even on crutches wants to be delayed when entering or exiting the vehicle, and nor do they want or need to have too many people helping them. The vehicle selected must be able to simplify disabled travel and make going out a pleasurable experience.

Who’s going to drive: Depending on who is going to drive, you may need to have more extensive adaptations done to the vehicle rather thansimply entry and exit. This must be considered in terms of whether you buy and adapt your own vehicle or buy a WAV that has already been professionally adapted.

The travel and transport options for those with mobility limitations has come a long way in recent times and whether you or your family member is able to drive and wants to drive or simply be in a position to be taken out on trips as a passenger, the aforementioned options are some of the top vehicles to consider.

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