The Cumbersome Task of Getting Rid of Man Boobs

The Cumbersome Task of Getting Rid of Man Boobs

The moment someone hears the word boobs or breasts the first image that comes to their mind would be of a woman. But sorry to break you stereotypical typical thinking man have boobs too. And to your amazement almost 40-60% men have breasts and some men have milk ducts too. Having boobs for men can be unjust.The reason for which you may not be aware of it is that in the majority of men the breast tissue does not develop much due to the presence of high testosterone levels in them. As it does in women because of the absence of testosterone in them.

Getting rid of man boobs is not an easy task at all. While these breasts could be attractive in women they can be a point of less attraction in men’s bodies. Nobody likes to see men with larger breasts. The enlargement of men’s breast size due to hormonal imbalances can affect their overall personality. While there are some medical conditions too that can be the reason behind the breast enlargement of men or swollen chest in them. One such medical condition is gynecomastia that can cause the breast tissue in men to enlarge or to swell. This condition is caused in men when the testosterone level in them reduces which ultimately leads to more estrogen in their body and hence the outcome.

You may try to do gazillion of exercises for getting rid of your man boobs but doing only this will not give you the results you are looking for. As for the majority of men, their larger boobs are the result of excess accumulation of fat on their chests. And targeting one area of the body to get rid of fat is not possible. Although you can perform strength training for specific areas to get rid of them but losing overall body fat will be much more beneficial.

Causes of Man Boobs-

Apart from the excess body fat, there are few other reasons as well that are contributing to your man boobs. Such as-

  • Obesity could be the one reason behind larger breasts in men. As when your entire body weight increases and you have more accumulation of fat in your body then getting this fat at your chest is so obvious.
  • Your age can be another reason which may lead to your larger men boobs.
  • Taking steroids is also one of the causes of it.
  • For men who consume a lot of alcohol increase their chances of having larger breasts as the side effect of it.
  • Your disease or illness is also one of the reasons behind it.

Ways to get rid of it-

  • Exercises like push-ups, bench press, medicine ball rainbow slams, overhead walking lunges, mountain climbers, single-arm dumbbell chest press, etc. can help you to get rid of them.

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