Periodontitis can affect your Heart and Hormones

Periodontitis can affect your Heart and Hormones

It’s true. Periodontitis is a disease affecting periodontium-a tissue that surrounds and supports our teeth. Oral health is a daily challenge that is facing many. Getting your periodontal treatment by a dental gingivitis specialist is doing justice for your teeth.

At puberty, there is a surge in hormones, especially in females.These changes help a lady to process through different life stages menstruation, pregnancy and menopause.Hormone imbalance is a major women’s health issue. During this time, many changes occur periodontium health in a female’s lifetime.

What is the relationship between periodontitis and hormones?

More than 20% of women between 30 and 52 years are affected by the periodontist. It’s a high figure compared to their male counterparts. Estrogen secreted by ovaries.  It’s essential in the development of secondary sex physiognomies such as the growth of the uterus. Progesterone is another female hormone responsible for menstruation.

The above hormones have a direct link from your mouth. It’s not where they are produced, but how they affect the gum.


You might be surprised, but oestrogen is indeed responsible for gum inflammation.Elevated levels of progesterone increase vascular dilation of gingival tissue. Simply gingival inflammation. In normal circumstances, this swelling is coursed by periodontal bacteria residing in the subgingival environment.

Estrogen, progesterone’s accomplice, facilitate ample nutrients which promote the growth of periodontist.Getting the proper periodontal treatment by a dental gingivitis specialist will save the situation.

2. Hormonal fluctuation

Ladies often dupes of a war of hormones.Hormonal fluctuations cause an exaggerated inflammatory response. A response that will conceive gingivitis. Combination of dental plaque which harbours deadly bacteria and elevated hormone are primary factors that accelerate periodontitis.

Brushing your tooth routinely, perhaps after every meal and specialised care by a dental gingivitis specialist will help you grind more years.

3. Insulin

Insulin is responsible for controlling the amount of glucose in the blood. Diabetes is a condition associated with a high level of sugar in the blood. Diabetic patients record a higher rate of gum problems than the non-diabetic individual.

Periodontitis and heart

Nobody will ever wish anyone to mess with their biological pumping mechanism. The heart serves as an emotional figure, and the ultimate function of ensuring blood circulates all-round the body. Connecting all parts with blood, plaque in the teeth may be connected to one in arteries.

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High cholesterol diet is harmful, especially to the vascular system. Some types of fatty foods are responsible for fat build-up in arteries. As fats are deposited on the arteries, they constrict and fail to allow bloodto pass through.This condition causes inflammation of arteries.

There is a direct link between inflammation in the circulatory system and gingivitis. Bacteria that cause periodontal disease thrive well in such conditions.Visiting a dental gingivitis specialist and flossing can prevent early stages of gum diseases.

The mouth is an essential part of the body. As it introduces food in the digestive system, it can conceive and nurture deadly diseases. Since the body is a labyrinth of systems, mouth infections will find their way to other systems. Protecting your mouth is protecting your body.One happy appointment with dental gingivitis specialist will ensure you live longer to see another day.

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