How to Stop the Panic Attack

How to Stop the Panic Attack

Panic attacks occur because of physical and medical causes. According to the Anxiety And Depression Association Of America, 6 million adults in the United States are suffering from panic disorder and most of them are females. A sudden panic attack can result in loss of control, shaking, sweating, and shortness of breath.

My friend used to have panic attacks because he lost his loved ones in an accident. To overcome the panic attacks he contacted the top psychiatrists in Islamabad and with proper medication and guidance of these doctors he recovered immediately. Today I will share with you some important practices that he adopted for controlling the panic attacks.

7 Effective Ways for Stopping the Panic Attack

Panic attacks can be controlled by practicing breathing exercises and mindfulness. However, some medicines also aid in this regard. So let’s get into the detail of these 7 ways that will help you to stop the panic attack.

      1.Practice Deep Breathing

Breathing exercise is helpful for controlling panic attacks. A panic attack can cause shortness of breath therefore it is important to practice deep breathing. To do this deep breathing exercise during a panic attack, you have to breathe in through your nose for 6 seconds and then you have to take a pause of 1 to 2 seconds. After that exhale through the mouth for 6 seconds.

Do this exercise for 10 minutes and you will feel better. You can also use mobile apps that will help you in a breathing exercises. 

       2. Close Your Eyes

Closing eyes during a panic attack will also help you to control it. As with closed eyes, you will be more focused and unaware of the nearby distractions. Therefore, several doctors also suggest practicing deep breathing exercises with eyes closed.

Next time when you face a panic attack, don’t forget to close your eyes for increasing your focus. 

       3. Try Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the meditating exercise that helped the person to be aware of the surroundings. During a panic attack, you lose your control and focus however if you are practicing mindfulness you have a better chance to control yourself during such an attack.

Besides controlling the panic attack, mindfulness also helps in improving the sleep and blood pressure by reducing stress.  

       4. Use Muscle Relaxation Techniques

Another exercise that will help you to overcome the panic attack is muscle relaxation techniques. Whenever you feel a panic attack, just sit down and make a tight fist, Keep the fist squeezed for a few seconds and then slowly open it to relax your hand.  You can do this exercise with other body muscles like legs, shoulders, and feet.

       5. Do Exercise

Managing panic attacks is all about building focus and control. Besides using specific exercises like breathing, mindfulness, and muscle relaxing you can also do running and walking. Doing such exercise will release the endorphin in our body that is an important element for boosting your mood and reducing the stress level.

       6. Shift Your Focus

Negative thoughts can be detrimental to your health therefore you have to shift your focus from negativity towards positivity. How will you do that? Let me share with you what my friend did.

Whenever he faced a panic attack he shifted his thoughts from the accident towards the happy moments of his life. You can also imagine any relaxing place like walking on a beach, sunset, or waterfalls. Imagining such quiet and peaceful places also helps in boosting the mood.  

       7. Take Medication

Although the exercises can help you to manage the panic, sometimes they are not very effective. Therefore in case you are having frequent panic attacks then you have to contact your doctor immediately.

Medicines like benzodiazepines are helpful for controlling the panic attacks however using such medicines may cause dependency therefore don’t try such medicines without the consultation.

Summing Up

Stopping panic attacks is easy however you have to develop the abilities for managing such attacks effectively and instantly. Use the above-mentioned tactics for controlling the panic attacks because if panic attacks are not controlled in time they may cause severe mental health issues.

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Therefore it is essential to contact the therapist or psychiatrist in time. You can also take help of your friends and family members.

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