Flu Vaccination: Why Is It Important For Both Kids and Adults?

Flu Vaccination: Why Is It Important For Both Kids and Adults?

Influenza or also known as ‘flu’ is a viral infection that primarily attacks the respiratory system – nose, throat, and lungs. For some individuals, influenza gets better on its own. However, there are others, especially those with weak immune systems, that needs to be hospitalized. Unfortunately, despite the available flu vaccine, there are still children that gets too sick because of the influenza virus.

Benefits of Getting The Flu Vaccine

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, it is important that both adults and children alike take care of their health. This is why doctors and other health care experts suggest getting the flu vaccination. Each year, anyone can get influenza or flu. So if you are looking to get the flu vaccination for your family from the Melbourne doctors, then here are the reasons and the benefits why you should do it sooner.

  • Avoid Getting Sick With the Flu. Between 2017 to 2018, records show that the flu vaccine was able to prevent around 6.2 million influenza illnesses and over 3 million flu-related illnesses. Flu vaccination is specifically to prevent you from getting influenza or flu-related illnesses. This means that you will also have less frequent visits to the doctor each year. That is why before the flu season starts, it is vital that the entire family gets vaccinated.
  • Life Saver For Children. Despite the available preventative measures, there are still children from all across the globe that die from flu. That is why it is very important that children of all ages should be getting flu shots every year. This can help prevent themselves from getting the virus and get sick with it. Some children’s immune systems are not strong enough to fight the influenza virus.
  • Reduce the Risks of Flue-Related Hospitalization. If you have a weak immune system, you are more susceptible from contracting any disease. And one of them is influenza. With the flu vaccine, tens of thousands of hospitalizations are prevented each year. In fact, the flu vaccine has been proven to reduce the risk of children from flu-related admissions. This is the same with adults and the elderly.
  • Preventative Tool For Elderly With Chronic Conditions. Children are not the only ones who can greatly benefit from the flu vaccine. Even those adults or elderly with chronic health conditions can also benefit from this. The flu vaccine is proven to lower the rates of cardiac events in adults, especially to those with heart disease. Also, flu vaccine helps reduce hospitalization of those with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or COPD. Also, the flu vaccine has shown positive results of reducing hospitalization frequency of those individuals with diabetes.

Influenza or Flu virus is contagious. That means that when one person in the family has the flu, those who have weak immune systems can get the virus.

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They are the most contagious in the first 3 to 4 days after they started getting sick. That is why it is very important that everyone in the family should get flu vaccinated.

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