Common Sports Injuries – Valuable Insights from Greenfield Physiotherapist

Common Sports Injuries – Valuable Insights from Greenfield Physiotherapist

How to prevent an injury when playing? This is one of the questions we were frequently asked by individuals who walk into our sports injury clinic. Athletic activities are an ideal way to stay active and healthy. However, one of the significant challenges of being active in sports is the risk of injuries. Sports injuries are inevitable and occur when exercising or taking part in sports.

Athletes are more susceptible to sports injuries than others. If the injury is severe, it can put you off the field for several days or even months or years. We have treated and helped patients recover from sports injury successfully. So, we wanted to share some information on the most common sports injuries and prevention.

Common Sport Injury

Strained muscles

Muscle injuries occur due to improper movement or repetitive motion, putting a significant strain on a muscle. This type of injury isn’t major, and the chances are high that it would heal over time with proper rest and care. That said, continuing to train or play with a strained muscle can lead to long-term issues where you’ll need sports physiotherapy Greenfield to recover completely.

How to avoid it?

Warm-up or active stretching is crucial before starting to play or training. Stretching helps to boost blood flow, enhance strength, and activates the central nervous system, and range of motion. Likewise, cool down with a gentle walk and static stretching once you are done with the activity. Static stretching will reduce blood flow and release tension in muscles.

Dislocations & Sprains

While dislocations occur when the joints of a bone is knocked out of place, sprain happens when a ligament is torn or stretched. Dislocation mostly occurs in fingers, shoulders, knees, elbows, jaws, and hips. A sprain can occur in both the upper and lower part of the body.

How to prevent it?

Be cautious when you are walking, playing, and running. Wear the right equipment while playing a sport and warm up before playing. Avoid exercising and playing when tired or experiencing pain.

Knee injuries

Most of the sports injury occurs in the lower part of the body. So, there are several common injuries to the knee that can impact an athlete. Runner’s Knee, Patellofermoral Syndrome, Jumper’s knee and ACL strain are some of the common knee injuries. You’ll require sports physio Greenfieldto treat and recover completely from knee injuries.

How to prevent it?

Wear the right shoes and arch supports to give your knees a secured foundation and participate in cross-training grow stronger. Rest if you start to feel pain around your knee.


Concussions are caused by direct blow onto tissues, especially in the muscles masses like the thigh. The muscles cells and local tissue can be bruised, damaged, swell, and painful.

How to prevent it?

Wear all the safety equipment that is required for the sport you play and make sure all the players know and understand the around safe play. Consult a therapist specialised in sports physio Greenfield if you suspect that you are suffering from concussions.

Shin splints

It is a type of repetitive strain injury caused when an athlete quickly intensifies, change, or start a new training program. It can lead to severe issues if not treated.

How to prevent it?

Gradually increase the intensity of your training. For example, if you are a runner and newbie, use a run/walk method to get your body used to running.

For further queries and treatment regarding sports injuries, please get in touch with our team. We are happy to assist you.

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