Are Workout Bands Effective?


COVID-19 pandemic has made all of us stuck at homes. Most of the gyms, parks, and other such places where people could do workouts are closed. Even if some are open, it is dangerous to go outside. This situation has forced the people to opt for the in-home workout technique. Even I was binge-watching tutorials on YouTube on how to makes abs at home!

Workout band are effective

Workout bands are most favorite of excising women. They are light, available in all shape sizes and colors. They are durable too unlike their partners. A study found women who used workout bands regularly lost 30 % more fat than those who used other equipment. Workout bands are very convenient and effective in not only making women leaner but are also effective to increase muscle strength.

How workout bands work

Well, you can think of them as extra-large rubber bands with handles. They come in different resistances. Like beginners go for least resistant bands while experience ones choose moderate to high resistance bands. When you lift weights, you resist your muscle movements with weights. Resistance bands do the same job. But resistant bands are safer and cheaper than weights. You also take them with you almost everywhere.

Advantages of workout bands

There is a long list of benefits that comes with workout bands! From cost-effective to durability and from portability to effectiveness. Workout bands are loaded with benefits. You can work out with them in almost any position without risking your safety. You can work out with them almost everywhere. They come in so much variety that you can choose the ones that not only suit you in resistance but in color and design too. Express yourself with them!

Disadvantages of workout bands

I will not call them disadvantages rather limitations seems more suitable word. You can’t have a shredded muscular body with them because there is a limit to the resistance the bands can offer. They are no match to weights if you are serious about bodybuilding. You will need firm support to stuck one end of resistant bands, which is no available everywhere.

Final Word

The best way to workout at home is with workout bands or resistance bands. They are mostly used by physiotherapy to strengthen the patient’s weak muscles. You can also use resistance bands for high intensity interval training at home. As they offer resistance, they can be used in place of weightlifting exercises to increase muscle strength and mass.

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