3 Things To Know Before Becoming a CBD Distributor

3 Things To Know Before Becoming a CBD Distributor

Are you thinking about selling CBD online or in your store? Now is an exciting time to grow into this multi-billion dollar industry! But there are many essential items to take into account before you start selling. This article will cover the three main things to know before you begin selling CBD or become a distributor.

1) Wholesale or private label? Which is right for me?

Unless you want to create your own brand and be responsible for marketing, branding, and growing a product line, we recommend starting as a CBD Distributor. Meaning you will get to leverage another brand and focus on one thing. Selling.

2) Finding the right manufacturer

Now that you have decided you want to focus on selling. It’s time to talk about finding a manufacturer and how their line of existing products will impact you as a distributor. Helping you bring in more customers, but more on that later.

When it comes to finding a manufacturing partner, there are a few items to think about;

Location: This will help determine your logistics with lead times and shipping costs. You want to find a manufacturer as close to your area as possible.

Product Line: CBD is becoming more than just an oil, It’s being used in topicals, shampoos, and soaps, even pet food and treats are starting to add it in. So when choosing a manufacturer partner, look at their full product line. As this will help you ultimately grow your sales. Remember, you’re a distributor, so you can pick and choose what items you want to offer to your customers.

3) Quality, Quality, Quality

Did we stress this enough? High-quality products are what will turn your customers into raving fans! Remember it’s not about how many customers you can get, it’s about how many customers you can keep. When you become a CBD distributor, make sure you sign up with a high-quality brand. You will find many companies sell 100mg to 650mg items. The higher the mg, the higher the concentration. So if you can find a brand that offers 650mg or higher, you’re on the right path.

In Summary: The top 3 things to decide before becoming a CBD distributor:

Deciding if you want to create your own brand or become a CBD distributor.

Finding the right manufacturer by looking at their location and their full line of products.

Finding brands that offer high quality, high concentration formulas ( 650mg or higher ).

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